Rummy- A Game With More Skills

Rummy - India’s tradition has been with us for a long time now. Perhaps the game is so popular that in many parts of the states, people leave no chance to play rummy, no matter what occasion it may be. They believe the game rejuvenates their mind and releases stress. The game also let them show their real-time skills of placing cards in valid sets or sequences. 

However, with the surge in online rummy portals, rummy buffs are nowadays using their skills to earn some perks, apart from just playing. Yes, you read that right! Many Indian online portals allow rummy buffs to earn some money by playing rummy. However, there are a few who don’t involve themselves in the game just because they believe rummy as mere gambling or a luck-based game. Well, to those who think so, we are here to tell why rummy is not game of luck but a game of skills.

To justify this in a better way, here are few points that will help you understand why we call rummy a game of skill:

Point #1
The Persona of the Game: Rummy is all about how you meld the cards into valid sets and sequences. The cards are shuffled before the start of the game which diminishes the probability of getting the same hand twice. Hence, each time you play a new rummy game, you have to use your skills to declare and win the show.

Point #2
No Door for Luck: Luck has no role to play in the game of Rummy. In fact, the only possibility is to deal with the cards wisely by merely using your skills. And honing such skills comes through consistent practice.

Point #3
Strategy Plays Crucial Role: Strategy counts the most in rummy games. So, it should be implemented in such a way that you are not only able to meld the right cards and in a specified time, but your opponent’s chances of winning also get lessened.

Point #4
The Mind Needs to Focus: Game of rummy requires your attentiveness which only comes from knowledge of rummy tricks and rules. So, those who say Rummy is the game of luck, it’s is merely a myth. The more you use your skills, the more you improve your chances of winning.

Point #5
Purely a Skilled Game: Lastly, to justify why rummy is a skill-based game and not gambling or luck game, the Supreme Court of India has given a verdict saying that the game like rummy that involves mental skills, practice and knowledge comes under skills and is completely legal.

The Verdict
To master the game, it’s not luck that works, but your rummy skills. These reasons are enough to justify why Rummy is a game with more skills, isn’t? In India, a lot of people are getting involved in online rummy portals these days. This is because they have discovered a new source of earning. Many rummy websites allow users to play cash rummy and make some earning. So, if you are now convinced with a synopsis of the game, join a reliable rummy Mobile APP and convert your passion for gaming into an earning.

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