Nail Rummy with These Awesome Strategies!

“Since I never win the rummy game, it might be a bogus website.”- This is a common review comment posted by rummy players when they write about different rummy websites when they don’t win. But that isn’t the case! A website is never prejudiced against its players. It’s you who have to emphasize your skills and use some awesome strategies to nail the game. Although the rummy game requires a lot of practice, you need to learn about the use of strategies. This is what can help you gain an extra edge in the game and improve your gameplay.

Here are some useful and influential rummy strategies to nail the game when you play rummy:

  1. Creating Pure Sequence: You should always aim to make pure sequences first, i.e., a combination of following cards of the same suit. Once done, you can carry on creating other sequences and sets. However, make sure there is no joker in it. Having a pure sequence will lessen the problem of collecting unnecessary points. Even if someone declares the game before you do, you will lose with fewer points.
  2. Removing High-Value Cards: Drawing and Discarding of cards is what the rummy game demands. Make sure, while playing rummy, you remove high-value cards from your hand and the ones you think will not add value for you to meld sequences and sets. Even if someone finishes the game before you, this strategy will help you reduce your points.
  3. Valuing Your Joker: The Joker card works as a substitute for your missing cards. So, if you have a joker, evaluate it and use it thoughtfully. You can reduce your points by utilizing a joker if someone declares the show before you.
  4. Arranging Your Cards: Arranging your cards can help you have a better idea about your cards in hands. It also helps you keep track of what cards you need and what cards are of no use. It’s better to place your cards in an alternative manner, i.e., according to colors, as it will help you abstain from dumping useful cards. This is an effective and often overlooked visual trick.
  5. Monitoring Your Opponent: To gain an extra edge over your opponent, it is always better to watch them i.e. what cards are they using. Doing so will help you make a smart choice. Most expert rummy players implement this strategy to win against their opponent.    

     No matter how many strategies you learn every day, but to execute them, you require constant practicing. If you are a newbie at Rummy Passion, we suggest you practice the game at their practice tables using these awesome rummy strategies before switching to cash games. See you at the tables of Rummy Passion - India’s most loved rummy website!

Rummy- A Game With More Skills

Rummy - India’s tradition has been with us for a long time now. Perhaps the game is so popular that in many parts of the states, people leave no chance to play rummy, no matter what occasion it may be. They believe the game rejuvenates their mind and releases stress. The game also let them show their real-time skills of placing cards in valid sets or sequences. 

However, with the surge in online rummy portals, rummy buffs are nowadays using their skills to earn some perks, apart from just playing. Yes, you read that right! Many Indian online portals allow rummy buffs to earn some money by playing rummy. However, there are a few who don’t involve themselves in the game just because they believe rummy as mere gambling or a luck-based game. Well, to those who think so, we are here to tell why rummy is not game of luck but a game of skills.

To justify this in a better way, here are few points that will help you understand why we call rummy a game of skill:

Point #1
The Persona of the Game: Rummy is all about how you meld the cards into valid sets and sequences. The cards are shuffled before the start of the game which diminishes the probability of getting the same hand twice. Hence, each time you play a new rummy game, you have to use your skills to declare and win the show.

Point #2
No Door for Luck: Luck has no role to play in the game of Rummy. In fact, the only possibility is to deal with the cards wisely by merely using your skills. And honing such skills comes through consistent practice.

Point #3
Strategy Plays Crucial Role: Strategy counts the most in rummy games. So, it should be implemented in such a way that you are not only able to meld the right cards and in a specified time, but your opponent’s chances of winning also get lessened.

Point #4
The Mind Needs to Focus: Game of rummy requires your attentiveness which only comes from knowledge of rummy tricks and rules. So, those who say Rummy is the game of luck, it’s is merely a myth. The more you use your skills, the more you improve your chances of winning.

Point #5
Purely a Skilled Game: Lastly, to justify why rummy is a skill-based game and not gambling or luck game, the Supreme Court of India has given a verdict saying that the game like rummy that involves mental skills, practice and knowledge comes under skills and is completely legal.

The Verdict
To master the game, it’s not luck that works, but your rummy skills. These reasons are enough to justify why Rummy is a game with more skills, isn’t? In India, a lot of people are getting involved in online rummy portals these days. This is because they have discovered a new source of earning. Many rummy websites allow users to play cash rummy and make some earning. So, if you are now convinced with a synopsis of the game, join a reliable rummy website and convert your passion for gaming into an earning.

Check Out Which Rummy Variant Suits You!

When you visit a grocery store, you find almost every item in different flavours and packings of different sizes. Depending upon your preference, you may choose a particular flavour, and based upon your requirement, you may buy a small sachet or a packing to last for a week or a month or even more. Similarly, when you log on to a rummy site, you would find a nice and exciting variety in online rummy games. There’s something for everyone!

Points Rummy

A novice rummy player and want to test the waters before actually taking the plunge? Waiting for somebody and getting bored? Don’t have much time and quickly want to refresh your mind and senses? Points Rummy would be the best bet for you. Why? Because it is the most basic version of the game and the easiest to play and understand. A session of Points Rummy would take just a few minutes to finish, and this makes it the best choice for you if you do not have much time at your disposal.

Deals Rummy

Feel that playing just one deal is too less to quench your thirst? Would like to play the game 2-3 times to extend the fun a bit more? Go for Deals Rummy. It is like playing the Points game for a fixed number of times, which is generally 2 or 3. Of course, this format would last longer and you would be able to enjoy more. It is played with chips and the losing players surrender their chips to the winner of the ‘deal’. At the end of the pre-decided number of deals, the one who has the maximum number of chips is the winner.

Pool Rummy

Indians are pretty fond of kitties, wherein all the members ‘pool in’ money and one member gets this booty as per the conditions of the group. If you are one of this ilk or want a longer dose of thrill, Pool Rummy is your call. In this format of the game, players continue to play game after game of Points Rummy till all the players, except one -  collect 101 or 201 points, depending on the version of Pool Rummy and get eliminated from the game. The champ left at the end, is the winner and grabs the pool prize.


Want to have hours of mind-storming entertainment? Would like to play on a bigger platform and showcase your rummy skills in front of a whole lot of players from across the nation? Rummy Tournaments are for you. And here also, you can choose between freeroll tourneys and cash tourneys. Participate in the former if you don’t want to invest anything and play for free, and for the latter if you prefer somewhat lesser competition.

Practice Games

And yes, if you are absolutely new to the mesmerizing game, it would be a good idea to play at the free practice tables that are there at almost every rummy site. Rummy Passion offers all the versions of online rummy at the free game tables. What could be better than that?

The Essence

Indians have always loved the skill-based game of cards. Now, that the Indian Rummy game has gone online, it has much more to offer to the card lovers. You can always make a choice as per your taste and available time. Join the others who are already there at the tables and have great fun. What are you waiting for!

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Digital Revolution Opened Abundant Doors to Be a Millionaire with Passion
It’s a globalized world and the digital revolution has made many things easier for everyone. There are a number of people who are earning well by doing online work from the comfort of their homes. Many others are following their hearts. They have transformed their passion into a lucrative money-making option.

Online Games: An Easy Way to Become a Millionaire
Do you know that these days many people are earning huge cash online by just playing games? Well, with the advent of digital revolution, playing games online for money has become very exciting. Online game lovers have more options to become millionaires. If you are a gaming lover, you can earn millions by playing computer games, rummy games, car racing games, etc. What is more lucrative about this passion is that you can start playing and earning without spending anything. You are not even required to spend on buying a new PlayStation, XBox or any other gaming console from the market. 

Transform your Passion Correctly
You should be passionate about what you do, but if you fail to execute your passion properly, you could face difficulties; the most important one being unfulfilled expectations! It means that your passion for rummy can help you become affluent, if you are a rummy expert and have ample knowledge of the available platforms that provide you with amazing opportunities to earn money. It is advisable to stick to your passion and start exploring information as much as you can about the key aspects of available portals, deals and offers, etc. to lead quickly toward becoming a millionaire.

Yes, it is possible to be a millionaire with something that you are passionate about. You could start with online rummy to enjoy every moment during play and earn at the same time. Initially, you can start out small and when you develop confidence, sky can be the limit!

Must Have this Checklist before You Play Rummy Online!

Planning to have fun with rummy online games? It is indeed a nice idea. Rummy is a great activity to indulge in. Playing Rummy Game is a wonderful means of entertainment. It also exercises your mental faculties and improves your cognitive skills. To play online rummy, you don’t require anything much. Still let us have a glance at the checklist for engaging in the nice diversion.


The first and foremost requirement to play the online game is a smart device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Connect it to a reliable 3G/4G internet connection and you are ready to take the plunge into the world of superbly amusing web rummy.

Knowledge of the Game

Needless to say that whatever game you want to play, you should know its rules, tips and tricks. Same holds true for online rummy too. It is pretty easy in the net driven world of today to learn the game. Read online rummy blogs and watch informative YouTube videos to dexterously play the game.

Bona fide ID Proof

It could be any document issued by a competent government authority. For example, Aadhar card, Voter id card, Driving License or Passport. However, what is necessary is that it must have your name, address, photo and date of birth.

A Registered Mobile Number

This is the next requirement. At the time of registration with a rummy site, they ask for your mobile number. They verify it, upon which you get some cash bonus with which you can start playing. Isn’t that great!

A Valid Email ID

Almost everybody in the contemporary world, has an email id. Rummy sites also ask you to furnish your email id. They send you a link on this email id. When you click the link, a pop up appears informing you that your email id has been verified.

PAN Card

Banks always ask for your PAN card details as a part of their KYC or ‘Know your Customer’ norms. It is a ritual made mandatory by the Indian regime. On the same grounds, rummy sites also need your PAN card details. It also helps the players who win money in rummy games, with their TDS.

Valid Bank Account

If you want to play online rummy with real money, you have to provide the site with your bank account details. This is necessary to allow easy transfer of money to the site when you want to make a deposit and from the site to your account when you win and want to withdraw the prize money.

The Essence

Now that you know what all is required to play the online rummy game, keep your checklist ready and have a blast with the fantastic mind game!

5 Tricks You Must Know When You Are Playing Rummy Online

Want to Play Rummy Online with élan? Here we are going to mention the tricks that would surely help you in Playing Rummy Online like a professional player. Read through them and raise the level of your gaming.

        1.  Watchfulness is a Must

Watch intently the cards picked and discarded by your opponents. Use this information to decide what they are up to, what sequences/sets they might be headed to, what cards might still be there in the pile, how you can hamper their progress and so on. It is of paramount significance, as what matters the most is the number of turns you take to achieve the task of melding your cards.

        2. Jokers are Assets

As Jokers can be used in place of any card, make clever use of them to complete your melds. The more Joker cards you have, the brighter your chances of winning would be. Avoid using Joker cards to form pure sequences with them. For instance, if 4 is a wild card Joker, it would not be a good idea to form a pure sequence with 2, 3, 4♣. This way your joker will get wasted, which can otherwise be used to complete a run or a set, say J♣ , 4♠, K♣ or K♣ , K♠ , 4♥.

       3. Exercise Ingenuity

Well, this means besides forming a pure sequence first, you should discard high value cards. However, at the same time it also means that if you happen to have these cards the way the above examples depict, you can convert them into assets with the help of Joker cards. Also, it means that you can drop cards close to Joker cards, because there are negligible chances of them getting picked by other players to form melds again for the reason cited above.

      4.  Sensible Judgement

We always say that one should never give up in life, but when it comes to the online gaming platform, exercise discretion. Have a careful look at your cards, and contemplate approximately how many turns you would require to meld them. If the hand looks dismal, it is better to drop out of the game to minimize your loss. It is better to lose by 20 points (first drop) or even 40 points (second or third drop), as opposed to 80 points.

     5. Practice Games First

All said and done, if you are a novice, you must hone your skills by playing free practice games first. There is a huge difference between knowing something and actually putting it into practice. You cannot just jump into the ocean, because you have seen somebody swimming. To be able to swim, you need to frequently practice swimming.

The Crux of the Matter

Playing Rummy Online is a wonderful leisure activity which not only jazzes up your life but also exercises your brain. The fun becomes manifold when you win and to boost the prospects of excelling in the splendid online card game, you must be acquainted with the aforementioned tricks. So…….Play Rummy Online like a Pro!!!

Dreams don’t work unless you do.’                                                                                -English Saying

Remarkable Features of Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is an amazing card game widely acclaimed all over the world for its awesome characteristics. The game of Rummy has certain distinguishing traits that make it unique and help the players imbibe a lot many virtues. Let us have a look at them.

Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of today’s modern life. Being a game, it is a stress buster par excellence. When you start playing it, you get so engrossed that you forget everything else and are able to get rid of stress in a very ingenious way.


Because it is a game, it successfully arouses everybody’s urge to win. And to do so, one has to maintain one’s cool. Over a period of time, players automatically tend to become patient in the game as well as their life. Needless to say that in today’s era, patience is the most required quality. 

Focus and Concentration

As the game requires a lot of focus, concentration as also memory on the part of the players to meld their cards into valid sequences and sets; the ability to memorize and focus on their work, projects and goals in their life witnesses a tremendous amelioration. This raises the chances of success in life.


Players gain a hold on the otherwise hard to assimilate mathematical concepts of permutations, combinations and probability in a play way method. The game is actually advocated by teachers to teach these concepts to children.


Players have to constantly keep an eye on the cards being picked and discarded by their rivals. This induces in them a habit of keen observation in their life too. They develop a knack for observing the moves of their competitors and accordingly plan their strategies.

Time Management

When you play the game, you get a limited time to contemplate and make your moves. This instills in you the ability to think and act quickly, all the while keeping in mind the possible outcomes of your actions.

Mistakes as Lessons

A mistake remains a mistake unless we learn a lesson from it.’ As the game ignites your competitive streak, you tend to learn from your mistakes, not just while playing the game, but also in your life. This quality helps you evolve as a human being and you become experienced and prudent.

Life is a Game

It being a game, you might lose despite putting your best foot forward. A game is meant to be a game only and one learns to take victory as also defeat in one’s stride, and that is how we should take things in our life too. 

In a Nutshell

So remarkable are the features of Classic Rummy that it can be used as a tool to nurture many a trait in its players. It is due to this reason that Rummy is also referred to as the game of skills, and stands out among all the other card games.