What are the Fine Characteristics of an Expert Rummy Player

Want to master the rummy game? How to do it? One sure-shot way is regular practice. Any strategy that could help one achieve the required skills somewhat faster? Know the behavioural traits of an adroit rummy player, emulate them, and pave your way to the league of rummy champions!

  • Confidence

    Whatever you do in life, confidence is a must-have ingredient for success. Confidence makes you feel energetic and helps you take right decisions at the right time. The card-melding game of rummy, is all about making wise decisions in the stipulated time.

  • No-Panic Approach

    Deft players easily adjust themselves to varied situations that crop up on the game tables. With diverse melding possibilities and each of them associated with equally diverse consequences, sometimes, players find it a daunting task to make appropriate moves. Doyens of the game analyse all sorts of tricky situations without panicking and make the right moves.

  • Great Observation

    A crucial asset of great rummy players is their hawk-eyed stance towards the moves of their opponents. They keenly observe what cards the other players are picking and discarding and accordingly, plan their moves. It ensures that they do not discard any card which is useful to somebody else, as also not giving others any hints what melds they are up to.

  • Determination

    It is another trait that you always need in life as well as rummy. With grit, you can visualize your aim better and think clearly to shine on the vibrant game tables. However, it does not imply that should you face a losing streak, you still continue to play. It also plays a vital role when you happen to get worthless cards, in which case, it is better to drop.

  • Mindfulness

    Pro-players understand that rummy is a game, and as such, it is meant to be enjoyed. When you start focusing more on winning and losing, you tend to get deviated from the main purpose, i.e., enjoyment. Plus, it clouds your thinking abilities. It is akin to focusing on the result than the gameplay. It also makes you feel anxious when you keep thinking of the result.

  • Positive Thinking

    It’s an excellent quality of expert rummy players that they always look at the brighter side of the coin. For instance, even if they happen to lose a game, they don’t take it to heart. They take lessons from their mistakes; at the same time, they try to learn from their counterpart who deployed smart tricks to outwit them. They always stay calm and composed.

The Learning Streak
We have highlighted the key qualities of a talented rummy player. Have an attitude to learn and develop such characteristics, that would help you in becoming a par-excellence player, as also in handling many a tough situation in life. Continue to play at worthy rummy sites and be a pro!    

Benefits of Playing Rummy on Rummy Passion App

Young or old, everybody loves games. Today, we have high-tech games. Beginning with console and computer games, now, there are online games, and mobile games too. Mobile gaming has come a long way from simple games around the turn of the century to the highly-advanced contemporary ones. The latest addition to the list of innovations in gaming technology is the introduction of Rummy Passion App.

A Par-Excellence Gaming App

Get easy access to new-age mind-storming entertainment loaded with bright cash-winning opportunities. Have a remarkable user experience too!

1)    No Device Constraints

Play on your computer or your mobile gadget. You can even begin playing on your laptop and then shift to your smartphone. The transition is going to be absolutely smooth. Continue your game where you left. This attribute also ensures that now, the brain game of Indian Rummy is as mobile as a mobile phone!

2)    Get Real-Time Offer Alerts

It’s going to be a shower of tempting promotions to go with the app. What’s more, if you have the innovative app on your smartphone, you are going to receive alerts on all the new promotions. It rules out the possibility of passionate rummy players missing any opportunity to win big!

3)    No Distractions

What is it that proves a major irritant when you are watching your favourite TV show or surfing online with great interest? It’s the annoying adverts. A superb feature of the Rummy passion App is that it does not support any advertisements. Enjoy your gameplay without any interruptions.

4)     Appealing Interface

The Rummy Passion App boasts a simple, attractive, and easy to navigate user interface. Users are bound to like it as you need not be tech-savvy to play rummy on the app. Just download the app on your smart gadget to tread into the spell-weaving world of online rummy games.

5)    I Love Variety

Have your pick from different rummy games served on the platter through the app. Play Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy. Try free practice games before landing on the cash tables. Be a part of Freeroll or Cash tourneys; it is your choice - the app has them all!

6)    Whom Would You Like to Play With

You get to play with real people, not robots. Play with your buddies or complete strangers from all over the country. The experience in both the cases is going to be awesome. Referring your friends at Rummy Passion gets you a lucrative bonus of 5000 bucks. Work on your gaming skills and defeat your opponents!

Go for this Rich Gaming App which Comes for Free

What all facilities do you want in a gaming app? You name it, and it is there on Rummy Passion App. The easy downloading process takes just a few seconds. It pampers the users with so much that it is irrefutably the best gaming app. The key qualities of the app mentioned above prove beyond doubt that it is one of the worthiest gaming apps. Have a fantastic rummy gaming experience on the go!

Strategy Is About Making Smart Choices

What distinguishes achievers from commonplaces? It is their policy to evolve strategies in life, be obsessed, refuse to conform to set rules, never give up, and last but not the least, believe in themselves.

Dare to Dream

It is about not limiting yourself; instead toiling hard for something which might be ridiculous in the general perception. Whether we talk of Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or Kalpana Chawla, they had dreams in their eyes - dreams that they dared to strive for!


What is it that you really want? Is it just your job, your spouse, your kids, or a complete you who aspires to chase his/her ambitions? Decide what all is on your wish list and then prioritize. Put yourself first - only then you can take care of other people and situations around you.


Do you despise being stuck in traffic jams? Your health issues are making you irritable? You have no time for yourself? Learn to get over such menaces. How? Look for work closer to your home. Take measures to fix your health problems. Replace hard work with smart work. These are just a few examples. Introspect and find smart solutions.

Smart Choices

Great people are great because they refuse to be average. Realize your hidden potential. Set your targets. Start working to achieve them. Don’t let your dreams fade into oblivion. How? Break down your goal into steps and mark deadlines. Dreaming, prioritizing, avoiding, making plans - it’s all about making smart choices or strategizing!

Even in a Game

To make things clearer, let us talk about rummy. A simple card melding game that Indians of all ages have been playing for decades too involves strategy. Each player gets 13 cards; players pick and drop cards on their turns to realize their goal. A winning hand could look like - 2, 3, 4; 7, 8, 9, 10; 4, 4, 4; J, J, J. From the very beginning, you have to make smart choices regarding which cards to pick and which ones to get rid of. Each and every turn is critical, and if you base your choices on logic, you have bright prospects of turning a winner.

Live Life King Size

Give up mediocrity, dream big, observe carefully, plan smartly - be good at evolving strategies. Whether it is the easy and yet intriguing rummy game of cards or the game of life, strategy is about making smart choices!

‘A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.’                       -Harvey MacKay

Cash Crunch is Interim, Making Money at Rummy Passion is Eternal

What grounds to cash crunch? Unpredictable and unalarmed expenditures? If yes, then you’re not alone! No doubt, how tight you keep a control over your budget, there comes a time when you can’t avoid expenditures. While there could be hordes of reasons to explain the causes of the cash crunch, there is one significant way to overcome it. See how!

Say NO to Cash Crunch with Online Rummy

Noticeably, money crunch is a temporary state that comes and fades away, but what remains perpetual for most people is the never-ending passion to Play Rummy and earn money. Yes, in India, you may find a number of rummy Passionists. These fervent players of rummy leave no stone unturned to mark their presence on rummy sites every day. Making money may be one reason, but what keeps them stuck to the site is their passion for rummy. Also, the website offers so many options to earn money apart from just playing that players hardly get any reason to say NO to their favourite game. Interested to know more? Keep reading:
  • What makes Rummy Passion India’s most adored rummy website, is its commitment towards players to give them the best. The website allows players to celebrate the bond of friendship with their friends. Players can refer their friends and in return get a referral bonus of whopping Rs 5,000 for each friend referred to the website.
  • That’s not it! Every month, the website is up with a variety of online promotions. Players enthusiastically participate and takeaway big cash amounts. There’s no limit to earning money. Just participate, hone rummy skills, play, and lead the path to success.
  • The website showers cash bonuses on the deposit made by players to play cash rummy games. That is, when players deposit an amount in their rummy account via PayTM, using the code - PAYTM, they get 100 Match Bonus Up to Rs 1,000. 
Added Advantages of Playing Rummy at Rummy Passion
  • Different Variations of Game: The best thing about Rummy Passion is that it offers different game variations - Points Rummy, Pools Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Players can choose their favorite gameplay to get started. If they get bored playing a single variation of the game, they can switch to the other variant and continue to enjoy.
  • Easy Payments & Withdrawals: Maintaining the quality of gaming has always been the utmost priority of Rummy Passion. The website ensures everything goes well from gaming, easy to play user interface to payments and withdrawals. As far as players’ money is concerned, the website brings banking convenience at the doorstep by offering seamless and fastest transfer of funds via multiple and trusted gateways. 
  • Safe and Secure Platform: Being fervent about rummy, Rummy Passion ensures players get paramount services safely and securely. The website gives high priority to keeping players’ data such as Credit/Debit card, email ID, banking details, etc., safe from intruders, cyber thefts and more. 

What Makes Rummy Passion Top-Notch Website of India?

Rummy Passion has evolved to be the most-preferred platform to play rummy in India. Players adore the website, and this is why the makers have observed a tremendous growth on their website in the past few years:

Number of Registered Players = 1,08,484

Average Number of Players on Any Given Day = 1,269
To Conclude

We, at Rummy Passion, continuously strive to make rummy a thrilling experience for our players, while also making the platform user-friendly to play. As far as the cash crunch is concerned, we perceive a paradigm shift where the cash crunch will go out of thoughts. So, now that if you are convinced, why not switch to the Rummy Passion APP and make your pockets happy? Also, if you find people making a fuss about a cash crunch, invite them to play along with you on Rummy Passion tables.

In Choice - There Should be Calculation

Many youngsters don’t just fall in love. They check factors such as age, caste, background, parents’ preference, financial status, and last but not the least, the prospective partner’s horoscope too!

Shopping Choices
Going for shopping? What all do you have on your mind? Probably, where to shop, how to reach there, when, with whom, which shop or brand, your budget, etc. And how do you make these choices?

In the Background
Quite obviously, you make calculations. The main thing you mull about is your affordability, followed by what are the latest trends, what suits your personality, are there any discounts being offered anywhere, who can guide you well, etc.

Is it Always Maths?
Calculations might not clearly be mathematical in nature, they can very well be related to common aspects of life. In hilly areas, the residents often prefer to carry umbrellas. The reason? In their subconscious mind, they unknowingly make calculations based on probability, i.e., how frequently they witness unexpected rain in their area.

Hidden Calculations Behind Every Choice
Whether it is bread, clothes, education, career, place to settle, home, friends, or life partner, your mind quickly, and sometimes not so quickly, weighs the pros and cons as per your perceptions and knowledge, and accordingly, you plan your future course of action.

The Vice-Versa
Now, let us go the other way round. Before opting for anything, you should consciously and carefully observe the circumstances, compare the merits and demerits of whatever you intend to do, so that you don’t have to repent afterwards.

An Ancient Adage
Who hasn’t heard the cliché - Think before you speak, look before you leap? It implies that one must never act impulsively. A wise person is one who acts patiently and takes any step only after contemplating its consequences. It is all about life calculations.

A Natural Instinct
Even when you play any game, be it an indoor game or an outdoor one, you have a natural tendency to take notice of everything, and then strategize. In most situations, your instinct makes choices depending upon the calculations made by your mind consciously or at a subliminal level.

A Mind Game
As an interesting example, let us talk about the rummy card game, that Indians have been playing for decades at social gatherings, functions, festivals, parties, and clubs, etc. Of late, the game has gone online and is called online rummy. A skill game, it involves making valid combinations from the 13 cards a player gets.

Playful Calculations
Combinations can be runs such as 7, 8, 9 or sets like 8, 8, 8. Also, there are jokers that can be used as replacements for any card. The runs formed with the help of joker(s) are called impure runs. As per game rules, players must form a minimum of 2 runs. One of them must be pure, i.e., it does not contain any joker.

Calculation Angle to Choice
The rummy game proceeds as players pick and drop a card on their respective turns. To play the game well, players must make a good choice of cards. For this, they should make calculations based on the number concepts of permutations, combinations, and probability as also on the actions of their fellow players. One good choice can turn a player into a winner, while one bad choice can ruin the game!

A Blissful Life is All About Calculated Choices
Some people make better choices than others because they calculate first and then pick. If you have been selecting without thinking twice, make it a point to be more careful and patient in future. Learning is a never-ending process, and it’s never too late. Be it a game of rummy or any decision of life - if you want to make good choices, first calculate and then act!

Dummy to Rummy? Here's the Complete Tutorial

“Don’t be afraid to choose an unfamiliar path, just because you aren’t aware of it. Sometimes, these paths lead you to beautiful places.”

The same goes for the rummy game. Though the popularity of the game can’t be ruled out, there are still a few who aren’t aware of the game and wonder how to get started. However, in the recent years, the game has become immensely popular among more and more people due to the availability of online rummy portals that host different variants of the rummy game. So, if you are a newcomer to rummy and hesitate to get started, this blog is intended to assist you with the gameplay. Let’s start with the basics:

Introduction to Rummy

Rummy is a spectacular game that is quite easy to learn and play. You just need to spare some time to get started. Being consistent towards the game is very important if you yearn to become a rummy Pro.  
Basics of the Game

The 13-card rummy game is all about drawing and discarding cards. Playing online rummy on Rummy Passion gives you an advantage of enjoying three variants of the game, i.e., Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. The game is played on 2-player tables or 6 player tables.  If you are playing on a 2-player table, 1 deck of cards will be used, and for 6-player table, 2 decks of cards will be used. When the game starts, upon your turn, you have to draw a card from either the open deck or closed deck and discard the card to the open deck. While doing so, you should focus to meld the cards into a valid sequence and set.

"Rummy Requires Passion – Play Your Cards Well.”

The significance of Sequence and Sets in Rummy
  • Set: The process of arranging 3 or 4 Cards of the same value but different suits form a set.
  • Sequence: The process of arranging 3 or 4 consecutive cards of the same suit forms a sequence.

Sounds difficult? Initially, you might feel hard to meld the cards in this way, but as you know, there is always a savior that comes your way when you stuck in a difficult situation. Well, in the case of Rummy – it’s the Printed Joker. This card can be used as a substitute in case you want to form a sequence or a set but can’t form it.

NOTE: One rule of rummy also says that you should primarily focus on forming a pure sequence. If you fail to do so, you are bound to lose the game.

Know About the Gameplay

Rummy gameplay is quite neat and simple, and you don’t need to bang your head to become a rummy gamer.  Once the game starts, and you and your opponent are dealt with 13 cards each, pick a card from either open deck or the closed deck. And yes, when you pick a card, don’t forget to discard as well. The game continues until you or opponent meld the cards in right sequence and sets. Suppose, you meld the cards in a valid sequence and set before your opponent, you must throw away the final card in the Finish Slot to declare the game.

Calculation of Points in Rummy

Rummy is played for points, and each card consists of corresponding points. The one who wins the game scores zero points. Also, the maximum you can score in the game is 80 points.

  •      FACE CARDS: Also known as high-value cards, these cards have 10 points each
  • ·      NUMBER CARDS: Same as the number mentioned on a card are known as number cards
  •      JOKER: (0) – It is an impure set

  1. False Declaration: When you make a wrong declaration, you get 80 points

         ACE: 10 Points
         QUEEN: 10 Points
         JACK: 10 Points
         KING: 10 Points
  2. First Drop: Without making your first move, you drop the game, you get 20 points
  3. Middle Drop: In between the game, you want to drop, you get 40 points
NOTE: So, it’s better to make pure sequence initially and then focus on scoring lesser points to outwit your opponent. You can even drop the game if you are dealt with a bad hand. It is a wise step when playing a cash game. Rummy is all about playing smartly and at the same time, attempting to score fewer points to win against your opponent.

Hone Your Skills and Augment Your Winnings with Simple Rummy Strategies

  • Observe Your Opponent’s moves
  • Practice regularly on the practice tables
  • Strategically Approach to Conquer Your Opponent

The Essence

So, now that you know how to play rummy, why not give it a try? How about getting started at Rummy Passion- India’s most loved rummy website. You can initially start with free practice games, and once you become a professional player, you can get started with cash rummy. Rummy Passion offers its players with a fair gameplay reward its players with great rewards. You just need to hone your skills to become a pro gamer and grab big cash. So, if you think you are a dummy to rummy, learn the game, play wisely and become a pro rummy player. Download Rummy Passion APP & Win BIG!

“Rummy is a game of skills that can pay you big. So, it’s time to give a try!”

Indian Games that Have Survived Through Centuries

Think entertainment and what comes to mind, especially if we talk of the bygone era? Apart from socializing, singing, dancing, celebrating festivals together, it is games that have always been a prime source of recreation. This leisure pursuit has not been restricted to kids only, but adults have also been engaging in games. Since time immemorial, games have been the favoured choice of royals as well as commoners.  Here we are presenting a list of primitive games that became modern.

Previously known as Ashtapada or sixty-four squares, it was played on an 8X8 checkered board using a dice. It has undergone a lot of changes to reach its present-day version. The game that originated in India later spread to Persia, Arabia, and Europe as well. The word ‘checkmate’ is derived from the Persian Shah-Mat, meaning ‘The King is Dead’!

The famed caves of Ajanta have depictions of Ludo in the form of boards. Could you have imagined this? It found favour with the Mughal Emperors of India, particularly Akbar. Variants of Ludo made their presence felt in England in the late 1800’s. The variation which gained popularity around 1896 as Ludo was successfully patented. That is the story of ‘Pachisi’ or modern-day Ludo!

Let us enjoy ourselves with Krida-Patram. Bewildered? We are talking about cards. Mughals and royals played them as Ganjifa. Again, they too have witnessed a plethora of changes from originally hand-made cloth cards that seemed pieces of art to the present machine-made paper cards. Apart from the material and shape, playing cards took a giant leap of progress when they descended onto the online platform. Which card games have won the hearts of Indian denizens? Just guess, you might have also played some of them. Indian Rummy, Seep, and Teen Patti are the most common ones. How about playing Online Rummy?

Carrom Board
The ‘East’ is widely believed to be the birthplace of this ‘strike and pocket’ game. A brainchild of Indian Kings, people all across the Indian subcontinent love to play carrom. The game became quite popular among the masses after World War I. A glass-surfaced carrom board can be seen in a palace in Patiala, Punjab.

Snakes & Ladders
Do you also feel that today’s kids lack ethics? If yes, go back to the original Snakes and Ladders that was devised to instil moral values in children. Invented by the 13th century saint Gyandev, it went by different names such as Moksha Patam, Parama Padam, and Mokshapat. The ladders were meant for virtues and the snakes conveyed vices. The British took it to England in 1892, gave it the name ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and altered it as per Victorian values.

Some things and events leave their irrefutable footprints. You will be amazed to know that among the archaeological findings at specific Harrapan sites, oblong dice has also been found. That makes it quite obvious that Indians have been using dice for playing games. What’s more, it also features in the ancient scriptures of Rig Veda and Atharva Veda. It is believed to have made its way to Persia, hence influencing Persian board games.

Modern Polo is said to have its roots in India. Made popular by the Mughal Emperor Babur and then globalized by the English, Indian monarchs also loved to play Elephant Polo. Which sign of status do you like - horse or elephant?

Kho Kho
Originally known as Rathera, as raths or chariots were used to play it, the game has existed in Maharashtra for long. It is believed that Run Chase that involves chasing and touching a player, has evolved into the modern kho kho.

This 4000-year-old contact sport was born in Tamil Nadu as a part of group hunting and village defence strategies. It has acquired different names at different places, for instance - Hututu in Maharashtra and Baibalaa in Maldives. A fusion of wrestling and rugby, this team sport requires players to have skill as also power. Now, it has become an international level game and India is the most successful team in the arena.

Manipur boasts a centuries-old conventional game Yubi Lakpi. Played with a coconut, it means ‘coconut snatching’. The natives feel that their game has been stolen and converted into the modern global sport rugby. Barring one difference between the Manipuri game and rugby - the former is an individual sport while the latter is a team sport, both the games are essentially the same.  

Gilli Danda
It originated in India probably 2500 years ago and is believed to be the basis of modern games such as Cricket, Baseball, and Softball. Played in rural areas almost all over the country, it needs two sticks. The bigger one is called danda and the smaller one is gilli. Children simply love the game. 

It is not just the culture, customs, traditions, and art and architecture that have survived through the centuries, but several games have also made a smooth transition from one era to another to the present to be lapped up by the masses with great gusto - be it the rummy card game of skills or chess or kho kho.