In Choice - There Should be Calculation

Many youngsters don’t just fall in love. They check factors such as age, caste, background, parents’ preference, financial status, and last but not the least, the prospective partner’s horoscope too!

Shopping Choices
Going for shopping? What all do you have on your mind? Probably, where to shop, how to reach there, when, with whom, which shop or brand, your budget, etc. And how do you make these choices?

In the Background
Quite obviously, you make calculations. The main thing you mull about is your affordability, followed by what are the latest trends, what suits your personality, are there any discounts being offered anywhere, who can guide you well, etc.

Is it Always Maths?
Calculations might not clearly be mathematical in nature, they can very well be related to common aspects of life. In hilly areas, the residents often prefer to carry umbrellas. The reason? In their subconscious mind, they unknowingly make calculations based on probability, i.e., how frequently they witness unexpected rain in their area.

Hidden Calculations Behind Every Choice
Whether it is bread, clothes, education, career, place to settle, home, friends, or life partner, your mind quickly, and sometimes not so quickly, weighs the pros and cons as per your perceptions and knowledge, and accordingly, you plan your future course of action.

The Vice-Versa
Now, let us go the other way round. Before opting for anything, you should consciously and carefully observe the circumstances, compare the merits and demerits of whatever you intend to do, so that you don’t have to repent afterwards.

An Ancient Adage
Who hasn’t heard the cliché - Think before you speak, look before you leap? It implies that one must never act impulsively. A wise person is one who acts patiently and takes any step only after contemplating its consequences. It is all about life calculations.

A Natural Instinct
Even when you play any game, be it an indoor game or an outdoor one, you have a natural tendency to take notice of everything, and then strategize. In most situations, your instinct makes choices depending upon the calculations made by your mind consciously or at a subliminal level.

A Mind Game
As an interesting example, let us talk about the rummy card game, that Indians have been playing for decades at social gatherings, functions, festivals, parties, and clubs, etc. Of late, the game has gone online and is called online rummy. A skill game, it involves making valid combinations from the 13 cards a player gets.

Playful Calculations
Combinations can be runs such as 7, 8, 9 or sets like 8, 8, 8. Also, there are jokers that can be used as replacements for any card. The runs formed with the help of joker(s) are called impure runs. As per game rules, players must form a minimum of 2 runs. One of them must be pure, i.e., it does not contain any joker.

Calculation Angle to Choice
The rummy game proceeds as players pick and drop a card on their respective turns. To play the game well, players must make a good choice of cards. For this, they should make calculations based on the number concepts of permutations, combinations, and probability as also on the actions of their fellow players. One good choice can turn a player into a winner, while one bad choice can ruin the game!

A Blissful Life is All About Calculated Choices
Some people make better choices than others because they calculate first and then pick. If you have been selecting without thinking twice, make it a point to be more careful and patient in future. Learning is a never-ending process, and it’s never too late. Be it a game of rummy or any decision of life - if you want to make good choices, first calculate and then act!

Dummy to Rummy? Here's the Complete Tutorial

“Don’t be afraid to choose an unfamiliar path, just because you aren’t aware of it. Sometimes, these paths lead you to beautiful places.”

The same goes for the rummy game. Though the popularity of the game can’t be ruled out, there are still a few who aren’t aware of the game and wonder how to get started. However, in the recent years, the game has become immensely popular among more and more people due to the availability of online rummy portals that host different variants of the rummy game. So, if you are a newcomer to rummy and hesitate to get started, this blog is intended to assist you with the gameplay. Let’s start with the basics:

Introduction to Rummy

Rummy is a spectacular game that is quite easy to learn and play. You just need to spare some time to get started. Being consistent towards the game is very important if you yearn to become a rummy Pro.  
Basics of the Game

The 13-card rummy game is all about drawing and discarding cards. Playing online rummy on Rummy Passion gives you an advantage of enjoying three variants of the game, i.e., Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. The game is played on 2-player tables or 6 player tables.  If you are playing on a 2-player table, 1 deck of cards will be used, and for 6-player table, 2 decks of cards will be used. When the game starts, upon your turn, you have to draw a card from either the open deck or closed deck and discard the card to the open deck. While doing so, you should focus to meld the cards into a valid sequence and set.

"Rummy Requires Passion – Play Your Cards Well.”

The significance of Sequence and Sets in Rummy
  • Set: The process of arranging 3 or 4 Cards of the same value but different suits form a set.
  • Sequence: The process of arranging 3 or 4 consecutive cards of the same suit forms a sequence.

Sounds difficult? Initially, you might feel hard to meld the cards in this way, but as you know, there is always a savior that comes your way when you stuck in a difficult situation. Well, in the case of Rummy – it’s the Printed Joker. This card can be used as a substitute in case you want to form a sequence or a set but can’t form it.

NOTE: One rule of rummy also says that you should primarily focus on forming a pure sequence. If you fail to do so, you are bound to lose the game.

Know About the Gameplay

Rummy gameplay is quite neat and simple, and you don’t need to bang your head to become a rummy gamer.  Once the game starts, and you and your opponent are dealt with 13 cards each, pick a card from either open deck or the closed deck. And yes, when you pick a card, don’t forget to discard as well. The game continues until you or opponent meld the cards in right sequence and sets. Suppose, you meld the cards in a valid sequence and set before your opponent, you must throw away the final card in the Finish Slot to declare the game.

Calculation of Points in Rummy

Rummy is played for points, and each card consists of corresponding points. The one who wins the game scores zero points. Also, the maximum you can score in the game is 80 points.

  •      FACE CARDS: Also known as high-value cards, these cards have 10 points each
  • ·      NUMBER CARDS: Same as the number mentioned on a card are known as number cards
  •      JOKER: (0) – It is an impure set

  1. False Declaration: When you make a wrong declaration, you get 80 points

         ACE: 10 Points
         QUEEN: 10 Points
         JACK: 10 Points
         KING: 10 Points

  2. First Drop: Without making your first move, you drop the game, you get 20 points

  3. Middle Drop: In between the game, you want to drop, you get 40 points
NOTE: So, it’s better to make pure sequence initially and then focus on scoring lesser points to outwit your opponent. You can even drop the game if you are dealt with a bad hand. It is a wise step when playing a cash game. Rummy is all about playing smartly and at the same time, attempting to score fewer points to win against your opponent.

Hone Your Skills and Augment Your Winnings with Simple Rummy Strategies

  • Observe Your Opponent’s moves
  • Practice regularly on the practice tables
  • Strategically Approach to Conquer Your Opponent

The Essence

So, now that you know how to play rummy, why not give it a try? How about getting started at Rummy Passion- India’s most loved rummy website. You can initially start with free practice games, and once you become a professional player, you can get started with cash rummy. Rummy Passion offers its players with a fair gameplay reward its players with great rewards. You just need to hone your skills to become a pro gamer and grab big cash. So, if you think you are a dummy to rummy, learn the game, play wisely and become a pro rummy player.

“Rummy is a game of skills that can pay you big. So, it’s time to give a try!”

Indian Games that Have Survived Through Centuries

Think entertainment and what comes to mind, especially if we talk of the bygone era? Apart from socializing, singing, dancing, celebrating festivals together, it is games that have always been a prime source of recreation. This leisure pursuit has not been restricted to kids only, but adults have also been engaging in games. Since time immemorial, games have been the favoured choice of royals as well as commoners.  Here we are presenting a list of primitive games that became modern.

Previously known as Ashtapada or sixty-four squares, it was played on an 8X8 checkered board using a dice. It has undergone a lot of changes to reach its present-day version. The game that originated in India later spread to Persia, Arabia, and Europe as well. The word ‘checkmate’ is derived from the Persian Shah-Mat, meaning ‘The King is Dead’!

The famed caves of Ajanta have depictions of Ludo in the form of boards. Could you have imagined this? It found favour with the Mughal Emperors of India, particularly Akbar. Variants of Ludo made their presence felt in England in the late 1800’s. The variation which gained popularity around 1896 as Ludo was successfully patented. That is the story of ‘Pachisi’ or modern-day Ludo!

Let us enjoy ourselves with Krida-Patram. Bewildered? We are talking about cards. Mughals and royals played them as Ganjifa. Again, they too have witnessed a plethora of changes from originally hand-made cloth cards that seemed pieces of art to the present machine-made paper cards. Apart from the material and shape, playing cards took a giant leap of progress when they descended onto the online platform. Which card games have won the hearts of Indian denizens? Just guess, you might have also played some of them. Indian Rummy, Seep, and Teen Patti are the most common ones. How about playing Online Rummy?

Carrom Board
The ‘East’ is widely believed to be the birthplace of this ‘strike and pocket’ game. A brainchild of Indian Kings, people all across the Indian subcontinent love to play carrom. The game became quite popular among the masses after World War I. A glass-surfaced carrom board can be seen in a palace in Patiala, Punjab.

Snakes & Ladders
Do you also feel that today’s kids lack ethics? If yes, go back to the original Snakes and Ladders that was devised to instil moral values in children. Invented by the 13th century saint Gyandev, it went by different names such as Moksha Patam, Parama Padam, and Mokshapat. The ladders were meant for virtues and the snakes conveyed vices. The British took it to England in 1892, gave it the name ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and altered it as per Victorian values.

Some things and events leave their irrefutable footprints. You will be amazed to know that among the archaeological findings at specific Harrapan sites, oblong dice has also been found. That makes it quite obvious that Indians have been using dice for playing games. What’s more, it also features in the ancient scriptures of Rig Veda and Atharva Veda. It is believed to have made its way to Persia, hence influencing Persian board games.

Modern Polo is said to have its roots in India. Made popular by the Mughal Emperor Babur and then globalized by the English, Indian monarchs also loved to play Elephant Polo. Which sign of status do you like - horse or elephant?

Kho Kho
Originally known as Rathera, as raths or chariots were used to play it, the game has existed in Maharashtra for long. It is believed that Run Chase that involves chasing and touching a player, has evolved into the modern kho kho.

This 4000-year-old contact sport was born in Tamil Nadu as a part of group hunting and village defence strategies. It has acquired different names at different places, for instance - Hututu in Maharashtra and Baibalaa in Maldives. A fusion of wrestling and rugby, this team sport requires players to have skill as also power. Now, it has become an international level game and India is the most successful team in the arena.

Manipur boasts a centuries-old conventional game Yubi Lakpi. Played with a coconut, it means ‘coconut snatching’. The natives feel that their game has been stolen and converted into the modern global sport rugby. Barring one difference between the Manipuri game and rugby - the former is an individual sport while the latter is a team sport, both the games are essentially the same.  

Gilli Danda
It originated in India probably 2500 years ago and is believed to be the basis of modern games such as Cricket, Baseball, and Softball. Played in rural areas almost all over the country, it needs two sticks. The bigger one is called danda and the smaller one is gilli. Children simply love the game. 

It is not just the culture, customs, traditions, and art and architecture that have survived through the centuries, but several games have also made a smooth transition from one era to another to the present to be lapped up by the masses with great gusto - be it the rummy card game of skills or chess or kho kho.

Know about Online Rummy Before Joining Any Website!

Have heard from buddies that online rummy is great fun? Not only that, it is an excellent means to earn money online? Wondering? Entertainment is fine, but how could a game help one make money? Feeling an itch to play the game and see for yourself?

Haste Makes Waste

It is great to have enthusiasm and passion for something. But, at the same time, you should be patient enough to delve a bit deeper into your new-found interest, analyse and scrutinize the things before taking the plunge.

What is Online Rummy?

First things first. Gain adequate knowledge about the game. You might be aware that it is the modern version of the age-old card game rummy. The basics remain the same as those of the parent game, just that it has shifted to the online platform. However, you must still, thoroughly acquaint yourself with the rules, tips, and tricks of the game of skills.

How to Prepare?

Go online to know more about the online game. You can find ample articles and blogs that cover everything about online rummy in minute details. Refer to rummy wiki to understand rummy terms properly. To supplement this textual erudition, watch YouTube tutorial videos. Together, these two resources make up for the theoretical information about the mesmerizing game.

Practical Implementation

Theory and practical must go hand-in-hand. To gain an insight into the finer nuances of the online rummy game, you must play the game. But, how to play without risking any money? Well, rummy sites such as Rummy Passion, offer the facility of free practice tables, where you play with practice chips instead of money. Here, you can implement whatever you have learned about the game. Try out the different rummy strategies and see what works for you.

Rs 100 - Your Doorway to ‘n’ Number of Rummy Tourneys

A meagre one-time deposit of Rs 100 is your ticket to as many Freeroll Rummy Tournaments as you want to participate in. There is no separate entry fee for these tourneys, but they are abuzz with the presence of rummy enthusiasts from all over the nation. Now, you get a feel of what it is actually like to compete with rummy pros. This not only gives you a vivid experience of the competitive rummy environment but also presents you with excellent avenues to make money online by playing exciting rummy games.

An absolutely Win-Win Situation!

If you win cash in the freeroll tourneys, the prize money gets credited to your account. However, should you happen to lose, nothing gets deducted from your account. That is the reason these rummy competitions witness a massive rush of players. Make sure that you register in time to ‘be’ in them!

Observation Skills

By now, you would have had a fair idea about the mind-boggling online rummy game as also various rummy websites. It is human nature that even if we have no intention to buy anything, still we visit malls and shops for window shopping and take precise mental notes of what is on offer at different places. This helps us to zero in on the exact and reliable shopping destination, whenever we actually want to shop in future.

What to Look for?
  •        Fair play and credibility of the site
  •        Certifications by reputed agencies
  •       Kind of interface
  •        Bonuses, promotions, and offers
  •       Payment options
  •        Variety in games
  •       Schemes for patrons
  •        Customer support services  
  •        Reviews by industry experts and other players

To Conclude

We must test the waters before taking the plunge, be it any career option or the skill game of online rummy. Know and understand the game, practice it for free, get a taste of the real competition arena, go through the reviews of various sites and then the sites themselves, and finally, land onto the cash rummy tables to experience a superb adrenaline rush!

Nail Rummy with These Awesome Strategies!

“Since I never win the rummy game, it might be a bogus website.”- This is a common review comment posted by rummy players when they write about different rummy websites when they don’t win. But that isn’t the case! A website is never prejudiced against its players. It’s you who have to emphasize your skills and use some awesome strategies to nail the game. Although the rummy game requires a lot of practice, you need to learn about the use of strategies. This is what can help you gain an extra edge in the game and improve your gameplay.

Here are some useful and influential rummy strategies to nail the game when you play rummy:

  1. Creating Pure Sequence: You should always aim to make pure sequences first, i.e., a combination of following cards of the same suit. Once done, you can carry on creating other sequences and sets. However, make sure there is no joker in it. Having a pure sequence will lessen the problem of collecting unnecessary points. Even if someone declares the game before you do, you will lose with fewer points.
  2. Removing High-Value Cards: Drawing and Discarding of cards is what the rummy game demands. Make sure, while playing rummy, you remove high-value cards from your hand and the ones you think will not add value for you to meld sequences and sets. Even if someone finishes the game before you, this strategy will help you reduce your points.
  3. Valuing Your Joker: The Joker card works as a substitute for your missing cards. So, if you have a joker, evaluate it and use it thoughtfully. You can reduce your points by utilizing a joker if someone declares the show before you.
  4. Arranging Your Cards: Arranging your cards can help you have a better idea about your cards in hands. It also helps you keep track of what cards you need and what cards are of no use. It’s better to place your cards in an alternative manner, i.e., according to colors, as it will help you abstain from dumping useful cards. This is an effective and often overlooked visual trick.
  5. Monitoring Your Opponent: To gain an extra edge over your opponent, it is always better to watch them i.e. what cards are they using. Doing so will help you make a smart choice. Most expert rummy players implement this strategy to win against their opponent.    

     No matter how many strategies you learn every day, but to execute them, you require constant practicing. If you are a newbie at Rummy Passion, we suggest you practice the game at their practice tables using these awesome rummy strategies before switching to cash games. See you at the tables of Rummy Passion - India’s most loved rummy website!

Rummy- A Game With More Skills

Rummy - India’s tradition has been with us for a long time now. Perhaps the game is so popular that in many parts of the states, people leave no chance to play rummy, no matter what occasion it may be. They believe the game rejuvenates their mind and releases stress. The game also let them show their real-time skills of placing cards in valid sets or sequences. 

However, with the surge in online rummy portals, rummy buffs are nowadays using their skills to earn some perks, apart from just playing. Yes, you read that right! Many Indian online portals allow rummy buffs to earn some money by playing rummy. However, there are a few who don’t involve themselves in the game just because they believe rummy as mere gambling or a luck-based game. Well, to those who think so, we are here to tell why rummy is not game of luck but a game of skills.

To justify this in a better way, here are few points that will help you understand why we call rummy a game of skill:

Point #1
The Persona of the Game: Rummy is all about how you meld the cards into valid sets and sequences. The cards are shuffled before the start of the game which diminishes the probability of getting the same hand twice. Hence, each time you play a new rummy game, you have to use your skills to declare and win the show.

Point #2
No Door for Luck: Luck has no role to play in the game of Rummy. In fact, the only possibility is to deal with the cards wisely by merely using your skills. And honing such skills comes through consistent practice.

Point #3
Strategy Plays Crucial Role: Strategy counts the most in rummy games. So, it should be implemented in such a way that you are not only able to meld the right cards and in a specified time, but your opponent’s chances of winning also get lessened.

Point #4
The Mind Needs to Focus: Game of rummy requires your attentiveness which only comes from knowledge of rummy tricks and rules. So, those who say Rummy is the game of luck, it’s is merely a myth. The more you use your skills, the more you improve your chances of winning.

Point #5
Purely a Skilled Game: Lastly, to justify why rummy is a skill-based game and not gambling or luck game, the Supreme Court of India has given a verdict saying that the game like rummy that involves mental skills, practice and knowledge comes under skills and is completely legal.

The Verdict
To master the game, it’s not luck that works, but your rummy skills. These reasons are enough to justify why Rummy is a game with more skills, isn’t? In India, a lot of people are getting involved in online rummy portals these days. This is because they have discovered a new source of earning. Many rummy websites allow users to play cash rummy and make some earning. So, if you are now convinced with a synopsis of the game, join a reliable rummy website and convert your passion for gaming into an earning.

Check Out Which Rummy Variant Suits You!

When you visit a grocery store, you find almost every item in different flavours and packings of different sizes. Depending upon your preference, you may choose a particular flavour, and based upon your requirement, you may buy a small sachet or a packing to last for a week or a month or even more. Similarly, when you log on to a rummy site, you would find a nice and exciting variety in online rummy games. There’s something for everyone!

Points Rummy

A novice rummy player and want to test the waters before actually taking the plunge? Waiting for somebody and getting bored? Don’t have much time and quickly want to refresh your mind and senses? Points Rummy would be the best bet for you. Why? Because it is the most basic version of the game and the easiest to play and understand. A session of Points Rummy would take just a few minutes to finish, and this makes it the best choice for you if you do not have much time at your disposal.

Deals Rummy

Feel that playing just one deal is too less to quench your thirst? Would like to play the game 2-3 times to extend the fun a bit more? Go for Deals Rummy. It is like playing the Points game for a fixed number of times, which is generally 2 or 3. Of course, this format would last longer and you would be able to enjoy more. It is played with chips and the losing players surrender their chips to the winner of the ‘deal’. At the end of the pre-decided number of deals, the one who has the maximum number of chips is the winner.

Pool Rummy

Indians are pretty fond of kitties, wherein all the members ‘pool in’ money and one member gets this booty as per the conditions of the group. If you are one of this ilk or want a longer dose of thrill, Pool Rummy is your call. In this format of the game, players continue to play game after game of Points Rummy till all the players, except one -  collect 101 or 201 points, depending on the version of Pool Rummy and get eliminated from the game. The champ left at the end, is the winner and grabs the pool prize.


Want to have hours of mind-storming entertainment? Would like to play on a bigger platform and showcase your rummy skills in front of a whole lot of players from across the nation? Rummy Tournaments are for you. And here also, you can choose between freeroll tourneys and cash tourneys. Participate in the former if you don’t want to invest anything and play for free, and for the latter if you prefer somewhat lesser competition.

Practice Games

And yes, if you are absolutely new to the mesmerizing game, it would be a good idea to play at the free practice tables that are there at almost every rummy site. Rummy Passion offers all the versions of online rummy at the free game tables. What could be better than that?

The Essence

Indians have always loved the skill-based game of cards. Now, that the Indian Rummy game has gone online, it has much more to offer to the card lovers. You can always make a choice as per your taste and available time. Join the others who are already there at the tables and have great fun. What are you waiting for!