Check Out Which Rummy Variant Suits You!

When you visit a grocery store, you find almost every item in different flavours and packings of different sizes. Depending upon your preference, you may choose a particular flavour, and based upon your requirement, you may buy a small sachet or a packing to last for a week or a month or even more. Similarly, when you log on to a rummy site, you would find a nice and exciting variety in online rummy games. There’s something for everyone!

Points Rummy

A novice rummy player and want to test the waters before actually taking the plunge? Waiting for somebody and getting bored? Don’t have much time and quickly want to refresh your mind and senses? Points Rummy would be the best bet for you. Why? Because it is the most basic version of the game and the easiest to play and understand. A session of Points Rummy would take just a few minutes to finish, and this makes it the best choice for you if you do not have much time at your disposal.

Deals Rummy

Feel that playing just one deal is too less to quench your thirst? Would like to play the game 2-3 times to extend the fun a bit more? Go for Deals Rummy. It is like playing the Points game for a fixed number of times, which is generally 2 or 3. Of course, this format would last longer and you would be able to enjoy more. It is played with chips and the losing players surrender their chips to the winner of the ‘deal’. At the end of the pre-decided number of deals, the one who has the maximum number of chips is the winner.

Pool Rummy

Indians are pretty fond of kitties, wherein all the members ‘pool in’ money and one member gets this booty as per the conditions of the group. If you are one of this ilk or want a longer dose of thrill, Pool Rummy is your call. In this format of the game, players continue to play game after game of Points Rummy till all the players, except one -  collect 101 or 201 points, depending on the version of Pool Rummy and get eliminated from the game. The champ left at the end, is the winner and grabs the pool prize.


Want to have hours of mind-storming entertainment? Would like to play on a bigger platform and showcase your rummy skills in front of a whole lot of players from across the nation? Rummy Tournaments are for you. And here also, you can choose between freeroll tourneys and cash tourneys. Participate in the former if you don’t want to invest anything and play for free, and for the latter if you prefer somewhat lesser competition.

Practice Games

And yes, if you are absolutely new to the mesmerizing game, it would be a good idea to play at the free practice tables that are there at almost every rummy site. Rummy Passion offers all the versions of online rummy at the free game tables. What could be better than that?

The Essence

Indians have always loved the skill-based game of cards. Now, that the Indian Rummy game has gone online, it has much more to offer to the card lovers. You can always make a choice as per your taste and available time. Join the others who are already there at the tables and have great fun. Download Rummy Passion APP. What are you waiting for!

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