Nail Rummy with These Awesome Strategies!

“Since I never win the rummy game, it might be a bogus website.”- This is a common review comment posted by rummy players when they write about different rummy websites when they don’t win. But that isn’t the case! A website is never prejudiced against its players. It’s you who have to emphasize your skills and use some awesome strategies to nail the game. Although the rummy game requires a lot of practice, you need to learn about the use of strategies. This is what can help you gain an extra edge in the game and improve your gameplay.

Here are some useful and influential rummy strategies to nail the game when you play rummy:

  1. Creating Pure Sequence: You should always aim to make pure sequences first, i.e., a combination of following cards of the same suit. Once done, you can carry on creating other sequences and sets. However, make sure there is no joker in it. Having a pure sequence will lessen the problem of collecting unnecessary points. Even if someone declares the game before you do, you will lose with fewer points.
  2. Removing High-Value Cards: Drawing and Discarding of cards is what the rummy game demands. Make sure, while playing rummy, you remove high-value cards from your hand and the ones you think will not add value for you to meld sequences and sets. Even if someone finishes the game before you, this strategy will help you reduce your points.
  3. Valuing Your Joker: The Joker card works as a substitute for your missing cards. So, if you have a joker, evaluate it and use it thoughtfully. You can reduce your points by utilizing a joker if someone declares the show before you.
  4. Arranging Your Cards: Arranging your cards can help you have a better idea about your cards in hands. It also helps you keep track of what cards you need and what cards are of no use. It’s better to place your cards in an alternative manner, i.e., according to colors, as it will help you abstain from dumping useful cards. This is an effective and often overlooked visual trick.
  5. Monitoring Your Opponent: To gain an extra edge over your opponent, it is always better to watch them i.e. what cards are they using. Doing so will help you make a smart choice. Most expert rummy players implement this strategy to win against their opponent.    

    No matter how many strategies you learn every day, but to execute them, you require constant practicing. If you are a newbie at Rummy Passion, we suggest you practice the game at their practice tables using these awesome rummy strategies before switching to cash games. Download Rummy Passion APP. See you at the tables!

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