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There are various formats of playing online rummy in India. Pool rummy is a commonly known format that is easy to play. Minimum two and maximum six players can play this game. Pool Rummy is also termed as a syndicate. Pool Rummy can be played in three forms 101 Points Pool, 201 Points Pool and Best of 3 Pool Rummy.

Pool Rummy at Rummy Passion
Pool Rummy

101 Points Pool Rules

  • Player with the lowest number of points is declared as the winner when all the other players have reached 101 points.
  • Drop on the first move means, getting 20 points. Drop after the first move is known as middle drop and the player gets 40 points. In case of full count the player gets maximum 80 points.
  • As the game is pursued with two decks, there would be two printed jokers, one from each deck and 7 jokers from the wild card that is pick in the beginning of the game.
  • It is necessary to form one pure sequence and one impure sequence. Joker cannot be used in the pure sequence. While all other cards can be used to form sets and sequences, with or without using the jokers. This would be considered as an appropriate way of making the show.
  • The one with the valid show receives zero points whereas the points of other contestants are counted according to the cards in their hand.
  • After every deal, a player who crosses 101 points is automatically out of the game.

201 Points Pool Rules 

201 Points Pool Rummy is similar to 101 Points Pool Rummy in all aspects. The only difference is of points. The game pursues till all the players from the losing side cross 201 points and the winner is the one with zero points.

Best of 3 Pool Rummy

  • Three rounds are conducted in this form of pool rummy. Player with minimum points at the end of three rounds is the winner .
  •  It is a compulsion to play all the three rounds for all the players. 
  • In case of a tie, the fourth round is conducted to break the tie.
  • 80 points are the maximum score.
  • There is no drop option in this form of the game.
  • Rest is same as 101 point pool rummy.

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