Deals Rummy | Rummy Passion

Deals Rummy | Rummy Passion
Deals Rummy is played between minimum 2 and maximum 6 players. The number of deals to be played is decided before hand. In the beginning of the game, chips are given to the players. One chip is equal to one point. If there are six deals to be played, each player will get 6*80= 480 chips. Player with the highest number of chips at the end of sixth deal is the winner.

Here are the basic rules of deal rummy.

  • Each player should play all the six deals. In fact, there is no drop option if the game is played between 2 players.
  • The game is played with 2 or 3 decks, depending on the number of players. One printed joker from each deck is used and there is one wild card joker that is picked at the start of the game. Apart from the picked wild card, all other cards of this number from all the decks are considered as jokers.
  • There is a compulsion of making one pure sequence and one impure sequence so as to confirm the show. Rest of the cards can be formed into sets and or sequences.
  • The losing side gets points based on the unformed sequences and sets in their hand. If there is neither a sequence nor a set and if the player makes an invalid show then all his cards are counted and he loses the game. An impure sequence is counted if there is a valid pure sequence.
  • Impure sequence or set is formed with the help of the Jokers.
  • Joker does not carry any points while Aces, Jack King, and Queen carry 10 points each. Rest of the cards are based on their face value.
  • The player who loses the game gets points equaling the number of unused cards in their hand.
Every time the points of losing player are added to the balance of winning player. In fact, these points are deducted from the losing players balance. In case of tie, one more game is played to decide the winner. The organizers fee is deducted from the winning amount.

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