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Points Rummy | Rummy Passion
Points Rummy is based on points and these points have a pre-decided rupee value. The game lasts till the point’s value is reached. If there are 6 players, those 5 players who will cross 80 points lose the game. The only player who has zero points or who makes the valid show is declared as the winner with valid sequences and sets of all the cards in hand. If we compare point’s rummy with other formats of the game like deals rummy and pool rummy, it is the fastest as the game ends within the single deal.

 Let s discuss point’s rummy rules in detail.

  • There are 2 printed jokers and wild card joker that is picked at the start of the game.
  • The game ends with the single deal and the value of the points is decided before hand.
  •  Minimum 2 and maximum 6 players can play the game.
  • Jokers do not carry any points, Aces, king; queen and jack have 10 points each while other cards are counted according to their face value.
  •  A player can bring in minimum 80 points*points value.
  •  It is mandatory to form one pure sequence and one impure sequence, rest of the cards can be converted into sets or another sequence. The player who is able to fulfill the objective of the game (one who has zero points) is declared as the winner. 
  • The player who drops the game at the first move gets 20 points; the value of the cards in his hand won’t be counted. One, who drops after the first move, is considered as the middle drop and this player gets 30 points. Full count is 80, in case of wrong show.
  • The ultimate winner of the game gets 0 points whereas the points of other players are counted according to the cards they hold in their hand.
  • There are scenarios where the players get disconnected. In this case, the player can re-join within three rounds (auto play) after that the player gets middle drop points. If someone declares the game within these three rounds with a valid show then the disconnected player gets 30 points and the game pursues normally.
The winner receives a reward that equals total points of the opponents*value of the points-organizers fee.
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