Must Have this Checklist before You Play Rummy Online!

Planning to have fun with rummy online games? It is indeed a nice idea. Rummy is a great activity to indulge in. Playing Rummy Game is a wonderful means of entertainment. It also exercises your mental faculties and improves your cognitive skills. To play online rummy, you don’t require anything much. Still let us have a glance at the checklist for engaging in the nice diversion.


The first and foremost requirement to play the online game is a smart device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Connect it to a reliable 3G/4G internet connection and you are ready to take the plunge into the world of superbly amusing web rummy.

Knowledge of the Game

Needless to say that whatever game you want to play, you should know its rules, tips and tricks. Same holds true for online rummy too. It is pretty easy in the net driven world of today to learn the game. Read online rummy blogs and watch informative YouTube videos to dexterously play the game.

Bona fide ID Proof

It could be any document issued by a competent government authority. For example, Aadhar card, Voter id card, Driving License or Passport. However, what is necessary is that it must have your name, address, photo and date of birth.

A Registered Mobile Number

This is the next requirement. At the time of registration with a rummy site, they ask for your mobile number. They verify it, upon which you get some cash bonus with which you can start playing. Isn’t that great!

A Valid Email ID

Almost everybody in the contemporary world, has an email id. Rummy sites also ask you to furnish your email id. They send you a link on this email id. When you click the link, a pop up appears informing you that your email id has been verified.

PAN Card

Banks always ask for your PAN card details as a part of their KYC or ‘Know your Customer’ norms. It is a ritual made mandatory by the Indian regime. On the same grounds, rummy sites also need your PAN card details. It also helps the players who win money in rummy games, with their TDS.

Valid Bank Account

If you want to play online rummy with real money, you have to provide the site with your bank account details. This is necessary to allow easy transfer of money to the site when you want to make a deposit and from the site to your account when you win and want to withdraw the prize money.

The Essence

Now that you know what all is required to play the online rummy game, keep your checklist ready and have a blast with the fantastic mind game!

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