How to Join Rummy Passion?

India’s most loved online rummy site is waiting for you. Are you still sceptical about the registration process? Do you want to participate in all the high flying action and want to be part of the elite Passion Rewards Club? You are at the right place as we’re about to show you the entrance door to our Red Planet, where you can walk in, play rummy online and earn well. There are a few simple steps involved. It will take you just a few minutes to complete these steps and get started on your journey with us. Here’s how:

Step 1

With an Internet connection on your laptop or personal computer, simply type in your Web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) and you’re ready to roll. Now you’ve stepped into the magical house of cards and excitement. 

Step 2     

In order to get started, you need to provide some mandatory information on the form available on the right hand side of the home page. The information will be saved on Rummy Passion’s smart server. 

  • Username
It is the identification mark that separates one player from another. A unique name is mandatory and it needs to be of 4 to 12 character length.  

  • Password
This is the digital lock that safeguards any unauthorized access to your account. It chains your Rummy Passion account. Remember to make your password safe by using a mix of alphabets, digits and special characters for your own safety. We are also using multiple technologies that serve the same purpose.

  • Valid Email Address
To be a part of India’s most happening and happy online rummy site, you need to register with your Email address. This will help us in reaching out to you and sending you all the information about the current and upcoming promotions and offers.

  •  Mobile Number
Your mobile number will act as a bridge for us to serve you better. It’ll also make you aware about the offers and promotion details well in advance.
Congratulations! You are now a Part of Rummy Passion Family”

Step 3  

  • Your account has been credited with 2000 Practice Chips and these will help you in getting started with us. 
  • That’s not all. On verifying your E-Mail address, an additional 10,000 Practice Chips will be credited into your account too
Total Chip Count = 12,000
Chips After Registration = 2000
Chips After Verifying Email Address = 10,000

Step 4

To grab amazing benefits and opportunities, please update your Profile by clicking on the Update Profile Button available on the same page.

To Sum Up

Playing for Rummy Real Money is the new entertainment formula for the masses in India. You may be a Banker or retired employee, the game is always here for you, and it will help you in pushing out monotony from your routine. Thousands of players are practicing their card skills and earning tons of money every day. We are already providing multiple informative articles and useful blogs along with video tutorials that can help you in understanding and finding the correct strategy. We’ve got king sized bonuses, prolific rewards for loyalty, multilingual support, multiple banking options and many more. Downloads Rummy Passion APP. See you at the tables!

Happy Rummy Games ahead.    


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