3 Smart Ways to Beat Your Opponents in Rummy

Winning and losing is entirely dependent on luck, right? Absolutely not! When you play, you are your own driving engine and breaks. It’s all on you to decide whether to step on the gas or not. Your red Rummy Ferrari might cross the winning line in style, just stick to your guns  and you’ll make it to the next level. Ever wondered how you can multiply your winning amount or turn on the nitro’s plug. Here are the smart ways to beat your opponents hard at rummy games.


Bluff, until you get it Right          

Dan Bilzerian is not just a name in Poker industry, but a brand in himself.  This tall guy from Tampa, Florida has proven time and again that following one’s passion is the only way to be successful. Online rummy also includes skills and smart manipulation of cards.

“Just don’t let anybody guess your card hunt; giving a clue is not advisable”

A pro or experienced player can smell the meat in the woods. Always be like a silent spectator and analyze the moves of others before making your own. This would reduce your vulnerability and by sitting in the dark you can actually solve the puzzle. The game is all about creating the right opportunity or chances rather than waiting for them to come.  

Positivity has its own Worth

Being positive doesn’t necessarily have a direct equation with the game. But scientific facts advocate positivity. The smartest people are the most optimistic ones. Before you start the game, always presume yourself to be a winner; this will effectively add to your confidence and allow you to play freely with authority. You will be surprised to see the change in your game. This one is the most vital vitamin that you should have as a rummy player.

A Smart Card Hunt

Rummy Cash Games are all about card hunting or making valid sequences. It’s an art that requires patience, skills and practice. You cannot be perfect in one go. Card hunting basically carries the whole game around it and gives you an additional advantage if you are good at it. We suggest our readers to first evaluate their cards and then decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard. Timing is also a critical component of discarding and picking cards. Discarding an important card too soon may kill a game. So show some patience and get an upper hand. Try to make a sequence which can be easily manipulated; it will surely increase your chances of winning.


There hasn’t been any particular strategy derived so far and that will make a beautiful game. Becoming a smart player is a constant evolution, it is a process or the journey that goes through long roads of experiences.  You win some and you lose some, what’s important is to make sure learning never takes the back seat.  All the mentioned points would not necessarily make you a champ, but they will surely help you out in improving your game. Hope you had a great time reading our blog. Download Rummy Passion APP. See you at the Tables!        

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