Some Basic Tricks to Win Online Rummy Card Game

Win Online Rummy Card Game

If you are planning to master the online rummy card game, you should be aware of the tricks which increase your probability of winning the game. It is not that easy to gain full control in the game until and unless you apply your mind in a much-focused manner. For that, you would require some basic tricks. Here are few simple moves, if applied properly you can be the winner at the end.

Concentrate on pure sequences

You must be aware that your impure sequence (4 5 Q 7)  is validated only if you have formed a pure sequence (3, 4 and 5) in the beginning. Joker is always handy while forming the impure sequence. But your focus should be always on the pure sequence. In this way, you are safe in terms of points even if you lose the game.

Beware of high-value cards

Cards like King, Queen, Jack and Aces carry 10 points each. It is always better to discard them as early as possible if they do not form a set or a sequence. You can also form an impure sequence, using a joker, along with these cards. Hence your point’s value is reduced.

Card arrangement

Pay heed to the colors. Always arrange your cards with alternate colors and they shall be automatically grouped in better order. Black-red black is the best combination of grouping the cards. It can save the players from discarding a useful card.

Middle order cards are useful

Middle cards are more useful while forming a sequence as compared to the higher order cards. With card number 5 and 6, it’s easy to form combinations like 4, 7, and 8. Apart from this, these cards are based on their face value as compared to Aces which carry 10 points.

Observe your opponent

Focus on what cards your opponent is picking and discarding. It is always good to discard cards closer to what your counterpart has discarded. This prevents your opponent from picking your discarded card from the open deck.
There are various other tricks like re-arranging your cards time and again, dropping the game if the cards in your hand are of little use, making wise use of the jokers, making a proper sequence with at least three cards and so forth. You cannot succeed in mastering your game in a couple of days. You have to improvise your skills on a regular basis. The day really arrives when you are the master of the trade. is available 24*7 in this regard.